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Don’t be a victim... be a victor!

The Madison County Sheriff’s Office will be facilitating National Rifle Association (N.R.A.) First Steps Pistol classes. This class far exceeds the re-quirements to apply for the State of Florida Concealed Weapons Carry Permit for residents and non-residents. Your Florida Concealed Weapons Carry permit is honored in 35 states. These classes are taught by N.R.A. multi-discipline law enforcement firearms instructors who are active S.W.A.T. team members and U.S. military veterans.
The N.R.A.’s “First Steps Pistol” course will be used as the foundation for 4 hours of classroom instruction prior to 1 to 4 hours of firing range time. The time on the firing range will be based on each students needs and desire. A knowledge of firearms is not assumed or required. Everything is explained fully so that the student feels completely comfortable. Our instructors take the time to make sure that each student understands what they can, and cannot, do so they don’t merely survive, but win violent confron-tations.

    1) Handgun cartridges and components.
    2) Handgun knowledge and safe firearm handling.
        A) Semi-automatic pistol knowledge.
        B) Revolver knowledge.
   3) Fundamental firearm safety rules.
   4) Handgun tactics and techniques.
   5) Ammunition malfunctions.
   6) Live fire shooting safety and proficiency.

   7) Handgun maintenance and cleaning.
   8) Holster selection and concealment techniques.
   9) Outline of laws pertaining to Florida Con-cealed Carry to include:
        A) Safety and responsibility by law of firearms around children.
        B) Restricted carry areas.
        C) Weapons laws.
        D) Shoot/don’t shoot scenarios and use of force justification.
        E) Escalation of force.
        F) Interaction with law enforcement.
  10) Less lethal options.

This is not your typical 2 hour gun show concealed carry course. Our instructors work violent crimes and deal with predators on a daily basis. We want to share with you the knowledge on how to prepare for, and win, a violent confrontation mentally, physically and spiritually. We are offering a sound foundation that you will hopefully build upon with us as we offer more advanced classes in the future. The class cost is $85.00. This includes a booklet, concealed carry application packet including fingerprint card, firing range fees, ammunition, targets, professional in-struction, personalized firing range time and course certificates. Fees will be used to pay instructors, pay for supplies and range maintenance. Due to the small class sizes and instructor to student ratio, it is required that a non-refundable $50.00 deposit be received at the time of your registration. The balance will be due on the day of the class. A limited amount of 45, 9mm, 40 and 38 ammunition will be provided for the practical portion of the class. Students who would like to participate in further training should bring additional ammunition. Ammunition may be available at cost and firearms may be available for use.

The primary instructor is CPT. Mark W. Joost who is a 10 year U.S. Army veteran as an Airborne Ranger with the 1st Ranger Battalion, Honor Graduate of the U.S.M.C.’s 8 week Scout Sniper school and a scout sniper instructor. He has 22 years of law enforcement experience and is a law enforcement firearms, defensive tactics, taser and less lethal options instructor. CPT. Joost is the Madison County Sheriff’s Office S.W.A.T. commander and he has prevailed in numerous deadly force encounters.

Contact CPT. Mark W. Joost at 850 519-0947 to coordinate registration.
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