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Civil Process

Madison County Sheriff’s Office

Civil Division

The Civil Division is responsible for the receipt, processing, servicing and enforcement of subpoenas, summons, evictions, injunctions and other orders issued by the courts.


All process is pursuant to Florida Rules of Civil Procedure as well as, Florida Statute and requires an original or certified copy, a service copy and attachments, Sheriff fee, and best address where parties can be located.


All foreign process will be served according to Florida Statute.


Civil Fees

(FS 30.231)


Summons/Subpoena/Notice of Hearing/Alias/Pluries - $40.00
Writ of Possession/Writ of Replevin -   $90.00
Injunctions -  $0.00
Writ of Execution/Levy - Cost deposit for Personal Property - starting at $1600.00
Cost deposit for Real Property - $600.00
$50.00 execution  

service fee

For further information or questions call 850-973-4151
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