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The Madison County Sheriff’s Office is responsible for law enforcement services throughout our rural North Florida County. Madison County spans over 750 square miles with a population exceeding 20,000. Farming is still one of the largest businesses that operate in Madison County. The County is bordered by the Suwannee River to the East and the Georgia State line to the North. There are over 30 miles of interstate 10 that runs East and West through the county. The City of Madison is the only municipality within Madison County with a police department. The Sheriff's Office coordinates closely with the Madison Police Department to jointly provide law enforcement for the city. The Madison County Sheriff’s Office provides primary law enforcement for the two other municipalities which includes the Town of Lee and the Town of Greenville.

The Sheriff’s Office Patrol Division performs the daily law enforcement functions which provide services throughout Madison County. These services include the initial response for all calls for law enforcement and public safety. This division employs sixteen full time patrol officers and 1 part-time Officer divided into four squads. The county is then divided into 3 large response zones (East, West and Central) and 9 grids for coordination and assignment.

The Sheriff’s Office investigative units include three deputies assigned to criminal investigations and four deputies assigned to a drug task force. The criminal investigators respond to felony complaints to assist the patrol units, perform crime scene processing and follow up investigations, as well as initiate felony investigations.   The duties of the drug task force include any cases related to drug activity and drug traffic interdiction.

The Sheriff’s Office School Resource Division is comprised of 3 School Resource Officers dedicated to the schools within Madison County. The high school and the central school have a deputy assigned full time with the three elementary schools sharing one deputy. The primary mission of the resource deputy is focused on school safety and drug awareness education.

The Sheriff’s Office Civil/Bailiff Unit has 3 Officers primarily focused on court room security and civil service process. This unit is housed at the administrative offices located at the courthouse annex. Also housed at the annex are the Sheriff’s Office administrative assistants. The duties of these assistants include financial and human resources, civil process, public records, warrants, extraditions, and case tracking.

There are several specialized units that operate within the Sheriff’s Office divisions listed above. These units include four k-9 units, swat team, and a marine unit.

The Sheriff’s Office is further supplemented with a 20 member Reserve Deputy Unit and a 15 member Posse Unit to assist in a voluntary capacity however they are needed.

The Madison County Sheriff’s Office provides communications services to all public safety agencies in Madison County through the Sheriff’s Office Communications Center. The communications center is staffed with a minimum of 2 communications officers at all times. The communications center is responsible for receiving all Emergency 911 calls, administrative calls, Emergency Medical Service calls, City of Madison Fire Department calls, Madison County Volunteer Fire Departments calls, City of Madison Police Department, and the Sheriff’s Office. The communications center disseminates call information to the appropriate agency through radio and telephone communications.

The Sheriff’s Office manages the only jail for Madison County. The Madison County Jail is a 120 bed facility staffed by 28 sworn Correctional Deputies which provide the required services within the facility. The services of the Corrections Deputies include the transportation, booking, housing, medical, feeding, and presentation of inmates for court.

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