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Madison County Sheriff’s Office Budget Request 2010-2011


Vision 2020 Goal for Public Safety in Madison County: To insure that the residents of Madison

County and its visitors experience a level of safety and security, provided by a coordinated effort of cooperation and communication from within all public safety entities. This includes access to adequate and quick response to emergency and nonemergency calls, community involvement and education of public safety issues and targeted enforcement by trained professional public safety employees and volunteers.

MCSO current mission statement: The mission of the Madison County Sheriff’s Office is to provide a safe community while offering an immediate response to calls for law enforcement services by dedicated and professional deputies.

FBI L.E. Personnel Data: Average for southern rural counties per 1,000 population is 2.6.

  • Based on 17,000 (20,250 – 3250 for city of Madison.) Madison County Should have 44 sworn deputies.
  • Madison County Sheriff’s Office: 31 deputies or 1.8 per thousand in 750 square miles. (Budget request would bring this up to 2.0
  • Madison County Sheriff’s Office: 31 deputies or 1.8 per thousand in 750 square miles. (Budget request would bring this up to 2.0)
  • The municipal yearbook/ICMA Annual Report - average per capita cost by population for counties under 25,000 population is 221.04 per officer. MCSO is $140.82 per deputy
  • City of Madison 15 officers or 4.6 per thousand in 5 square miles with enforcement duties only.

Madison County Sheriff’s Office Contributions to the Budget:

  • $30.00 per traffic citation goes toward 2 ½ MCSO court/civil positions
  • $11.85 per traffic citation goes toward MCSO communications
  • $2.00 per traffic citation goes toward funding all MCSO training and schools.
  • Investigative costs received from court sentences
  • Civil fees collected for serving court documents
  • Grants received for current year: $335,000.00
  • Seizure money used for Capital Outlay - 9 vehicles, 2 dogs, software, investigative equipment….so far.
  • Three School resource deputies paid for by the school board.

Madison County Sheriff’s Office requirements and services:

  • Unlike the 40 hour a week requirement of the other constitutional officers, the Sheriff is responsible for 24 hours a day, 168 hours per week, and 365 days a year including all holidays, hurricane days, flood days, and even state football playoff days. 168 hours per week is more than four times the requirement.
  • Unlike the state agencies, the Sheriff’s Office cannot fail to respond because of a lack of manpower even if it means calling in employees from home.
  • The Sheriff’s Office operates the jail for Madison County
  • The Sheriff’s Office operates the communication center for all county and city public safety agencies.
  • The Sheriff’s Office provides the only Drug task force for Madison County
  • The sheriff’s Office provides all the civil process and bailiff services for Madison County


  • The Sheriff’s Office Budget is actually 2,394,000. The jail budget is actually 2,215,000 which includes the communications budget of approximately 500,000.
  • Multiply any other constitutional budget by 4 and you will see a better comparison of budgets
  • According to the Clerks records the majority of county budgets have increased every year for the past five but the Sheriff’s Office has decreased the last two years
  • Hard economic times results in a need for more law enforcement not less.
  • The Sheriff’s Office will no longer be able to provide mission critical resources with continued budget decreases

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